The Anthropocene Body - Plumial Space

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14 Sep 2018

3pm to 9pm

A project by Nestor Pestana with Deborah Tchoudjinoff

Advancements in biotechnology are providing us with a new perspective on what it is to be human - that we are in fact an ecosystem made up of trillions of micro-organisms which live within and on our bodies. Not only that, they extend beyond our skin forming invisible clouds of microbes, called microbial plumes.

The microbial plume is unique to each of us. As we interact with our surroundings, we leave behind parts of it, making it possible to trace it back to each person’s unique identity, where we have been, who we have been with, and our microbial make up.

Join us for an evening to experience simulations of your microbial plume through an immersive installation. Presented alongside this, will be prototypes of fashion artefacts that embody personality archetypes of a speculative scenario exploring the microbial plume and its possible cultural interactions.

This project is the outcome of a 4 month Design Residency hosted by the Fashion Space Gallery.

Installation supported by Holition. Find out more here.

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'The Anthropocene Body - Plumial Space' is part of Arcade East's summer programme, which focuses on Sustainability and Innovation. Ranging from Toolkit for the Future, a day of speculative design workshops in collaboration with the V&A’s The Future Starts Hereexhibition programme, to a series of events during the London Design Festival in September including OPEN SESAME, an installation by 2017 Fashion Space Gallery Design resident Charlotte Maeva Perret, it focuses on challenging notions around design processes and the workings of the fashion system.