MA Acting Summer Shows

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09 Aug - 11 Aug 2018

Three plays performed in repertoire make up the 2018 MA Acting Summer Shows series*. View the full performance schedule below and visit CSM Ticketing to book. 

Tickets are free for CSM students and staff, please email to register.  

Full price tickets are £12, concessions are £7. Tickets for UAL staff and students are £5 with a UAL email address. Book here.

Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina, stage adaptation by Helen Edmundson 

Directed by Richard Neale

Helen Edmundson's celebrated and ‘exemplary' (The Times) adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's enduring classic is a vibrant and deeply moving meditation on the nature of love.

Anna is beautiful and admired but empty – until a chance meeting throws her into emotional turmoil and a scandalous affair. Contrasting with this tale of destructive love is the story of Levin, an idealistic man striving to find meaning in life – and a self-portrait of Tolstoy himself.

By kind permission of Nick Hern Books.

Performance times:

Thursday 9 August (open dress) 1.30pm
Friday 10 August 4.30pm - book now
Saturday 11 August 7.30pm - book now


Dying For It (freely adapted from Nicolai Erdman's The Suicide) by Moira Buffini 

Directed by Georgina Sowerby

Hallway-dwelling Semyon is unemployed and disheartened with life. When his last hope at turning his life around disappears he decides to commit suicide, only to find that a number of people would like him to die on their behalf. On the night of the deed, a party grows towards a glorious climax. Moira Buffini has freely adapted Nikolai Erdman's The Suicide, which was banned by Stalin before a single performance, to create Dying For It. Dying For It premiered at the Almeida Theatre, London, in March 2007.

By kind permission of United Agents.                                        


Performances times:

Thursday 9 August (open dress) 4.30pm
Friday 10 August 7.30pm - book now
Saturday 11 August 1.30pm - book now


Wild East by April De Angelis 

Directed by Sophie Moniram

Frank's got the interview; it's his big break. He just has to convince two formidable women from the corporation and he'll have his chance to get back to Russia. But somehow, history is working against them all.

Wild East premiered at the Royal Court Theatre, London, in February 2005.

By kind permission of Casarotto Ramsay.


Performance times:

Thursday 9 August (open dress) 7.30pm
Friday 10 August 1.30pm - book now
Saturday 11 August 4.30pm - book now

*Please note that the shows may contain elements that are not suitable for all audiences, such as strobe lights, strong language, nudity or violence. More information will be provided shortly.