Spotlight 2018: Encountering

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27 Feb - 05 Apr 2018

The Spotlight 2018 exhibition, ‘Encountering’, includes the work of Doctoral students undertaking research at CSM. Drawn together from different stages of both part- and full-time study, this work is both response to, and evidence of their research. Such ideas are also interwoven through this physical work. Individual artists’ statements speak of concerns addressed.

Sara Buoso l Sasha Burkhanova l Adriana Cobo | Richard Crawford l Lesley-Ann Daly l Mahtab Hanna l Melodie Holliday Jonathan Martin l Christina Skarpari l Tamara Tyrer
With support from Dr Joanne Morra

Accompanying the exhibition will be a symposium on Wednesday 14 March, in which some of those exhibiting here and their peers will present aspects of their work-in-progress. This theme of ‘Encountering’ will be addressed in the symposium’s three sections: the Political, the Ethical and
the Affective.

Booking for the symposium is essential, please email Christina Skarpari to book.

Spotlight 2018 has been generously supported by Research at CSM. For more info