The ups and downs; Enterprise Round Table 2

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30 Oct 2018

4pm to 6pm

*** Please note this listing is for Session 2, the other sessions can be booked here and here***

Session 2

Ever thought about being your own boss? Or embarking on a freelance career? I bet your head is full of questions, thoughts and ideas you’d like to say out loud. If so, why not come and meet with a group of like-minded people who also want to follow the path of entrepreneurship - whether that’s launching a business or moving it to the next level. Together we’ll voice our hopes, dreams and fears and share our plans to make it happen in a non-judgemental space.

 Our host, Leona Thrift-ola started her first online jewellery business in 2003 and shortly after opened an independent studio/shop in Shoreditch. A decade later, looking to bring a new excitement to her work, Leona changed business model and launched one of the first non-beauty indie gift subscription boxes in the UK called Lucky Dip Club. 

 With 15 years experience of going her own way, Leona wants to shake up the culture of indie biz so we value community over competition and talk about how we feel in the business arena.

 If starting your own business or giving freelance a go brings up a mix of emotions and you’d like to talk in a safe space, please join us! It will be fun, informative and super empowering. You’re not alone.

Each session will have a topic but the sessions will go where the conversation takes us.
Session 1.Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway 9th October 2018
Session 2.Social Media + Self Care 30th October 2018
Session 3.Community.Collaboration & Connection 20th November 2018