Extended use of Blogs for Teaching and Learning: STAFF

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07 Sep 2017

10am to 1pm


Wordpress is a popular and flexible software package for creating blogs and building websites. It is also a key component of myblog.arts.

In this workshop we explore ways in which myblog.arts and Wordpress can be customised and extended for a variety of teaching and learning purposes; this includes the development of collaborative spaces.

What is the overall aim?

The workshop explores design and customisation options in Wordpress and myblog.arts  and considers appropriate formats for different contexts. It is also a primer on setting up your own web presence, which can be useful for teaching, sharing practice or documenting projects.

At the end of the workshop you will be able to: 
  • Understand the separation between content and formatting in the construction of web pages.
  • Use and customise a range of Wordpress Themes.
  • Create custom menus.
  • Use page templates.
  • Use post formats.
  • Add image slideshows.
  • Make some simple tweaks to your blog's appearance using custom style settings with cascading style sheets (CSS).
  • Understand how to add extra functionality to your Wordpress site using plugins.
  • Use Wordpress as a Content Management System (CMS) -  a means of publishing and managing content online for authors who don't have technical expertise.
  • Set up your own instance of Wordpress, with a custom web address (domain name).
  • Establish and develop group blogs and collaborative spaces.

What can I do next?

  • Explore other opportunities to enhance your e-learning skills. Visit the event listings on the UAL website to view our full list of workshops.

Who should attend?

This is for UAL staff who wish to build on a basis knowledge of myblog.arts and/or Wordpress. Attendees should be comfortable using computers and web browsers, but don't need any specialised technical knowledge. However they should have some previous experience of using blog software, ideally Wordpress, for example via myblog.arts or Wordpress.com

Attendance at “Introduction to Blogs for Teaching and Learning” (or prior knowledge / experience) is advised before attending this session.


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