Faces of Mustang

image of a woman stood in front of a mustang

08 Aug - 07 Sep 2017

Marcus Bastel exhibits a series of photographs from his recent project 'Faces of Mustang'.

About the project:
On the eve of the US election I travelled through 26 states taking portraits of Mustang owners and talking to them about their cars, and life in general.
Among them were a racer from Alabama who strapped on his gun before stepping out of his house for a chat; a ‘real Daisy Duke’ from Colorado, a mother who was barred from driving demolition derby for being too aggressive; and Bruce and Dave, friends who were still fixing cars together 30 years after first purchasing them.

It all went Mustang the moment I landed in Detroit. I was questioned for two hours at immigration. To my surprise, when I was finally discharged the officer who had quizzed me so casually mentioned that a friend of hers might be interested in taking part in the project. I told her she could pass on my details and two days later Eric got in touch. He was the very last person I photographed before returning home, and so the trip went full circle.

I was on the road for 36 days, zigzagging through 26 states from Michigan in the north, to North Carolina in the east, Arizona in the south and as far west as Nevada; I met people in 16 of these. I connected with them via social media, people referred me to their friends, and I knocked on doors when I saw a Mustang (or two!) parked outside. Some people were, understandably, a little wary of the stranger on their doorstep but once I explained what I was doing people warmed, suspicion and awkwardness dissolved, one anecdote gave way to the next and, before we knew it, hours had passed.

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