Exhibition: MA Fashion Communication and Promotion 2017

Work by Em Qin Peng

15 Nov - 02 Jan 2018

This exhibition showcases the work of the 2017 cohort of MA Fashion Communication and Promotion.  Part of MA Fashion Communication, the pathway aims to examine the future of fashion imagery and the role it plays in culture and society through a combination of digital and analogue approaches.  Featuring the work of Bianca Batson, Lily Bling, Kexin Li, Em Qin Peng (work pictured above), Lea Sorli, Azra Sudetic and Sangwha Yim. 

Lily Bling

This project explores the idea of glamorous men. The word ‘glamour’ is seldom used to describe a man, and this photo series aims to challenge that notion. Lily Bling has styled 30+ men off all different ages, shapes, and backgrounds, combining a variety of references whilst deconstructing the typical codes that can be found in modern British men. These portraits leave us questioning what glamour really means, and suggests a new way of men’s dressing.


Kexin Li

The Chinese fashion landscape is at the axis of a significant shift.  Made in two parts, the project offers an insight into the Chinese fashion industry through a short video.  Followed by exploring an innovative branding methodology in collaboration with a MA fashion student, showcasing a young Chinese fashion designer.


Em Qin Peng

Plum Magazine explores the perishability of fashion, discussing time-limitation and self-identity in the fashion industry. It will demonstrate the work of talented new artists’, interviews, experimental shoots and fashion films. The focus will be on the young but booming Asian fashion market.


Lea Sorli

The project explores the representation of fashion in the digital context. It investigates how new media is participating in our culture’s remediation of fashion and offers new ideas of what that might imply about the contemporary condition of fashion media. Reflecting on the relationship between technology and contemporary modes of image making, including computer generated image, the project explores how the industry where value is communicated by the notion of exclusivity, can explore new avenues within this new space. 


Azra Sudetic 
“Can we rightly talk about a postnational condition of fashion?” (Paulicelli, Clark) 
The Form of Fashion, an immersive VR film, examines the idea of fashion completely removed from national, ethnic, and other social contexts and strives to discover basic elements of fashion’s purest form. 


Sangwha Yim

The work is about “FRAME” and processed with an abstract interpretation of how the frame effects people’s physical and psychological space. Focused on the phenomenon that SNS has become, new frame architecture, has standardised and forced people to fit in. Through fashion design, performance and film, the goal is to encourage an audience to recognise and ask questions about frame that we lived, made, and locked.